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  • Künstler : Andrea Benetti
  • Kategorien: Abstrakt
  • Kaufpreis in €: 2500
  • Breite x Höhe : cm 50 x 70
  • Zu vermieten: Nein

Untertitel (Kurzbeschreibung)

2009, oil and acrylic on canvas

Kunstwerk-Upload am

Dienstag, 28 April 2020



Informationen zum Künstler

Andrea Benetti

  • Künstler-Grad: Künstler mit Ausbildung
  • Herkunft: Italien
  • Mitglied-Status: Silber

Andrea Benetti

MANIFESTO DELL'ARTE NEORUPESTRE Manifesto of Neo Cave Painting by Andrea Benetti Since the dawn of humanity, well before the invention of written language, Man felt the need to communicate, to leave some trace of his passage through this world. This he accomplished through painting. Early Man had to deal with the sun, the earth, the waters and the sky every day… had to find a way to find his place in the balance of Nature. And even when Nature was unthreatening, he was in awe of Her, treating Her with the respect due a Deity, in full awareness of his own human limitations. Contemporary Man has denied those limits and trampled that respect, placing himself at the center of the universe and giving his own selfish needs absolute priority. In doing so, he has stupidly destroyed the enchantment and desecrated the sanctity of Life and Nature. So let’s take a step backward. Let’s start over, with the proper respect for Nature and for human life as our point of departure. Art needs to begin afresh from its earliest form: cave painting. We need to go back to the dawn of Man and his primeval art to reconstruct the world: a new world in which respect for Nature and human dignity are finally at the heart of the will of Man. Only in this way will we reaffirm the sacredness of Life which we have sacrificed in favor of an empty, short-sighted lifestyle, one which has been leading us to our own destruction. We need to re-create the necessary conditions to be able to envelop the world in love and peace.


Abstrakte Kunst

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